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Love exploring ancient cities? Love history? Then Oxford Footsteps: A History Trail is for you.
Walk the streets of one of England’s most beautiful cities, while learning about its fascinating history along the way.

This guided walk through central Oxford will take you to twenty-four sites associated with notable events and people. Explore the city’s rich past while visiting some of its most interesting places,
The trail begins at Oxford Castle and ends at Balliol College. Along the way, learn about the battles between townsfolk and scholars, join the debate about which of the colleges is really the oldest, and see where Alice in Wonderland and The Lord of the Rings were created. Your companions on the journey include kings, rebels, writers, scientists, and eccentric dons.

Experience Oxford in a new and distinctive way, and go exploring with Oxford Footsteps: A History Trail as your guide.

Twenty-four trail stops, with descriptions of significant events and people.
Full route directions.
Google Maps route map and directions available on-line and for download to your smartphone.

Available on the Amazon, Apple, and Kobo stores.

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