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Love exploring London? Love poetry? Then City of Verse: A London Poetry Trail is for you. Discover a new angle on the capital while spending time with some of its greatest writers. This guided walk through central London will take you to twenty-four sites associated with notable poets and poems. Explore the city’s literary past while visiting some of its most interesting places, from the famous to the lesser known. The trail begins at Shakespeare’s Globe in Southwark and ends at the former site of Gatehouse Prison by Westminster Abbey. Your companions on the journey include William Shakespeare, John Keats, and TE Hulme, along with twenty-one other poets, each with their unique take on the life of the city. Experience London in a new and distinctive way, and go exploring with City of Verse: A London Poetry Trail as your guide.

Twenty-four poems selected from six hundred years of literature
Introductory notes on each place, poet and poem
Full route directions, with GPS coordinates for each stop
Google Maps route map and directions available on-line and for download to your smartphone

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