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A mysterious painting. A woman with a secret. A young artist determined to discover the truth about her mother’s past.

Paris 1931. Calypso Bergère has left her home town of Nice and moved to Paris to study at the Sorbonne. She dreams of becoming an artist, though her father has other plans for her. Her mother, now dead, made the same journey to Paris at a similar age, to train as a singer. When Calypso sees an old portrait of her mother in her aunt Nina’s apartment, she is intrigued, excited, and full of questions.

But Nina is evasive about the painting’s history and claims to know nothing of its origin. Frustrated with her aunt’s denials, Calypso vows to discover the story behind the portrait. Her investigation takes her on a journey into the bohemian past of Montmartre and lays bare a tale of desperation, deceit, and death. And as she learns the truth, Calypso must revise her own image of her mother.

Calypso and the Severed Portrait is the first book in a series of compelling historical mysteries, set in the troubled, intriguing world of 1930s France.

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