Kit Ward


A missing person and a mysterious map.

Paris 1931. When Calypso Bergère calls in on her favourite professor on Christmas Eve, she is shaken by what she discovers. Not only has Sandrine disappeared but there are traces of blood in the apartment. Calypso remembers the man who tried to force his way into Sandrine’s home the last time she was there and fears for her teacher’s life.

While she is looking around the apartment, Calypso comes across an enigmatic map that Sandrine has made. Could this drawing hold any clues to her fate? Using only her wits and a map she doesn’t understand, Calypso must navigate the streets of Christmas-time Paris to uncover the truth. And through a succession of encounters, she soon discovers that while Sandrine’s map may be mysterious, other people are the greatest mystery of all.

Calypso and the Christmas Map is the second book in a series of compelling historical mysteries, set in the troubled, intriguing world of 1930s France.


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