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A love song and a death threat make for uneasy listening.

Paris,1932. When Calypso Bergère and her friend Olivia Percy come across some amateur recordings in a record shop’s bargain bin, Calypso decides to buy them, much to Olivia’s scorn. But when they listen to one of the discs at home they hear a woman being assaulted and threatened with death.

Enlisting the reluctant Olivia, Calypso vows to discover what has happened to the singer and whether the death threat was made real. The two young women are drawn into the twilight world of Paris, where crooks, hustlers, and entertainers scrape a living side by side and everyone is hiding something. During their search, they discover that love and desire can inspire treachery and murder.

Calypso and the Accidental Recording is the third book in a series of compelling historical mysteries, set in the troubled, intriguing world of 1930s France.


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