Kit Ward


Kit Ward

  • Very white

    Very white

    I was sitting in a pub in Suffolk, chatting to the barmaid. She’d just moved back to England after living in the United States for many years. She was enjoying her new life and extolling the pleasures of the small town she lived in now. Continue reading

  • The renaming of things

    The renaming of things

    I heard a historian on the radio the other day cite a year and add ‘Common Era’ at the end. It irritated me. The BCE/CE nomenclature has been in common use for a couple of decades now, but it still irritates me. Continue reading

  • The Cryptic Branch begins

    The Cryptic Branch begins

    I said in my last post that I was going to start a fiction serial on Substack and so I have. It’s called The Cryptic Branch, and here’s the blurb: 1900. Great Britain is the heartland of the greatest empire the world has ever seen. It is also a country of extremes — of wealth… Continue reading

  • Grub Street 4.0

    Grub Street 4.0

    I signed up for a paid Substack subscription for the first time last month and I chose Ed West’s Wrong Side of History. I’ve been an admirer of Ed’s writing for some time, partly because I share his pessimistic-conservative outlook on the current state of the world and partly because he covers current affairs with… Continue reading

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